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oh come on!

I believe every one of us wishes BP13 the best of luck with his dreams, his life, his animals....everything.
This entire thread of posts was exaggerated to the extreme.
BP13 is going to know by reading Traces very first post that none of it was factual. did serve a purpose. IF...just IF BP13, or anyone else came in here reading this, believing this....the overall shock, and disbelief, of it all is going to make them go and do research about the animal. If they don't believe what is written here, they will likely STILL go and research the animal, if for no other reason but to prove every one of us "immature adults" wrong.
It was all in fun...and it was funny too. I bet even BP13 will chuckle at some of the posts.
And the only negative thing that was said ABOUT BP13 was the comment about spelling chameleon incorrectly.
There was no personal attack on him. So, say what you will, none of us were picking on HIM as a person, or his desire to own a chameleon, or any other reptile for that matter.
We were over dramatizing the POTENTIAL for disaster IF a person goes into pet ownership (any pet!) uneducated.

That's all it was.
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