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haha I thought it was pretty funny myself... but um... yeah mocking a 13 year old for his dreams, I mean we all were his age once and we probably all had/have the same dream as he is having and trying to fulfil right now. Hey at least he is asking for advice and willing to hear the pros and cons which is more than some kids.

Hey ballpython13 Personally I would start small and as your knowlege expands so can your collection of herps. To go full force into a hobby that you dont know much about could be harmful to the animals you keep and overwhelming on yourself. Remember there is more to just feeding and holding them if you want quality animals. Hang around and learn a few things from here and check out a few other places as well. Im fairly new to herps myself so I cant give you great advice about herps as the others here can unfortunately.

Oh and one more thing BP13 live food is ok if you are feeding chams but snakes its a bit dangerous and if you want to tun around and sell what you are keeping like I have seen you suggest in other threads you would be SO much better off feeding F/K or F/T otherwise you could end up with snakes with scarring making them less valuable and harder to sell, also people do look for animals who are not eating live so they themselves dont have to deal with the switch, plus an animal eating F/T is less likely to have inard critters.
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