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V.hb.... you wanna know why I did it? I counsel so many people about chameleons and their husbandry over the course of a day, it's not funny. I spend hours a day doing it! I'm sick of it!!!!!! Beyond that.... I have ssssooooo many sick and dying chameleons that are dumped on me here because people buy them without knowing how to care for them! I do this with my own time and finances.... and it's hard. Very hard some days.

Now, if BP13 had read a few caresheets on chameleons and still had questions about them, I'd be more than happy to answer them here on the forums. Chameleons are not easy animals to deal with.

If I have to resort to sarcasm to save that one little chameleon... I will. I have read every post by BP13 since he's joined and I've purposely stayed out of the threads. This one I just couldn't.

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