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I recv. the same message from buddy Brian yesterday & it looked like some kind if screensaver type file. I have never heard of him or corressponded with him, so I am assumming that the virus is obtaining addresses from ssnakess people or from its system. My Norton caught it right away, but could not fix it, so it was quaratined. I deleted it right away so I can't tell you what the virus is called anymore, but it had a funny name. If my Norton couldn't fix it even after being updated, it must be nasty, so watch out people & delete it right away. Mine was also sent in reguards to some "Albino Nelsons" which clued me in because I don't have any & didn't knoiw buddy, plus Norton caught it before it was even recv. It couldn't fix it , but it stopped it. Hopefully the rest of you are as fortunate. Remember CYA FOLKS! Mark I.
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