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Trace I don't keep my little man (that's my "pet name" for him...hehehehe) IN the house exactly.
He has his own room. Which USED to be called the garage.
It right off of my laundry room, so I can hear him AND smell him when he does his thing.
My guy isn't full grown yet, so thankfully he is still only eating small to medium sized dogs. At least THOSE are still easy to come by!
I remember when the breeder I got my cham from told me that they move about as "quick as a sloth"....well, she must of been referring to the Mach 2 sabertooth sloth or something, cause this guy is FAR from slow!!!
I learned my lesson though...I'll never make another impulse decision like that again.
From this point on, I will do my OWN research, rather than take anyone else's word on what it takes to look after ANY animal!
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