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OK but I do not know to shorten it,

My name is Anthony Gay. I have been married for 14 years to my wife Donna. We have two children, 1.1.0. Our daughter 13 and our son 11.

Held my first venomous at the age of 5. Thought it was my rubber snake wrapped around a tree, turned out to be a copper head. I still remember wy dad killing it.

At the age of 12 I had over sixty native snakes from ringnecks, to rat snakes and kingsnakes. No snakes in the house so I kept them outside in aquariums (at this time It was ok to use aquariums) halfway burried in the ground with a shelter over them to keep them from filling up with rain water. Successfully breeding all.

Married at 20, luckily my wife had the same love for reptiles. Soon we had reptiles in every room of the house even in the bathrooms. The majority of our reptiles were rescues, and I do not use the term lightly. These were not reptiles that were living in to small of an enclosure, I only take in reptiles that need constant medical attention and we have worked with nearly every disease, even Inclusions body disease and cryptosporidia. Our average cost for supplies and antibiotics and surgeries run at least 4 grand a year. All of this puts an emotional drain on you, working with reptiles you knew were inevidably going to die and the constant thought of, should I try to save it or put it out of its pain.

In 97 we built our facility to house reptiles we wanted to work with instead of what was brought to us. Using the knowledge from what we had learned over the years and seen we built our facilty to be as sanitary as possable. We built all new cages and do not swap reptiles from cage to cage and have a standard protocall of sanitation before we work with every reptile. No two reptiles are housed together exept for breeding.

We love all reptiles and work with arachnids,amphibians,colubrids,boas,and pythons.

We still take injured/very sick reptiles and we still cry when they die. I will never understand peoples logic in the fact there reptile is ill so they take it back to the petstore.

Well, that is my life in a nutshell, ok a big nutshell,
Anthony Gay

Here is a pic of an imaciated 5' boa I just recieved. It died during rehydration.
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A bad year with reptiles is better than a good year without em.
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