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I think that "reptile gallery" put it into perspective quite well when he said "I formed 'The Reptile Gallery' out of the passion for these wonderful animals, not for the money. Believe me, there are many careers that would pay my time a lot better than this!" That is awesome, loving his job for the job itself, not the potential cash flo.
Selling babies is great, all the more room for new lovers of the reptile to love reptiles.
I origonally just wanted to comtemplate on what our animals mean to us and why we do what we do, and it is clear that it is because we love em so much! From keepers to breeders this is a hobby/business of passion and love!!
One of the coolest things too, is not only are we brought closer to nature with our animals we keep, but also to other people too, look at how amazing the community on is, and its the herps (and Jeff) that help bring us all together!! Keep it real!!
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