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Well, here I go. I happen to be one of those 'bad bad people' that sell reptiles, but first and foremost, I am a reptile keeper and breeder. I have snakes in my personal collection that have been with me for years, and I have some that come and go. If I do not or did not produce it myself, then I am more than happy to order from quality domestic breeders accross Canada, and through this I have met wonderful people..formed wonderful relationships, even friendships, and have enjoyed the pleasure of seeing hundreds of well kept healthy reptiles. I formed 'The Reptile Gallery' out of the passion for these wonderful animals, not for the money. Believe me, there are many careers that would pay my time a lot better than this! I do what I do because I love doing it. Period. Great people and great animals. What more could one ask for?
Remember that as our interest in reptile keeping grows, it is up to all of us to promote domestic produced livestock and ensure that each time an animal goes to a new home, it recieves the best care possible from someone with the proper experience or knowledge, regardless of whether that animal is to be a 'pet' in someones small collection, or number 672 in someones breeding facility. If keeping the animal forever works for you, great! If your needs, interests or ability to provide proper care changes, then do what is best for the animal. Put it in the hands of someone who wants it. I personally enjoy the thrill and excitement people experience when they purchase a new reptile from my store, and no matter how many times I recieve reptile shipments the thrill is still there for me too!
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