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I have to agree with the majority here. My animals are my family, my babies. I have sold a couple of my beardies that I considered family but I had no choise as I bought them as females and they ended up being males and I had no place to house them properly and had to get them out of the cages with the females before they tried to breed them too young. I also have a couple that I cannot breed but I am very attached to and I would not sell them or trade them. One is infertile and the other is too small.
However, I don't feel the same way with the babies. I do get attached and have to find a good home for them or let them go to someone I know I can trust will find them good homes. But I can't keep them all and the breeding and selling of the offspring help for vet care, to feed, and house my current "collection". I use that word losely because I do have many herps but I still try and have quality time with all of them and their health and happiness comes before anything else!
On each of their cages they have their birthdates and their names. I take great joy in finding the perfect name for each of them, as silly as that may sound. lol.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
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