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Seeen, its mah turn

The names Mike Poplawski. 18 years of age. Born in Poland. Currently finishing highschool. Off to York university to study Health Sciences. I dont have many reptiles, even though I love them. I wear whatever suits me best, ranging from casual gear like TImberland to gino beatin' Parasuco :P I'm a mutt I live in SARS-borough, I dont own a gun nor do I live in public housing. But I'm sure theres tonnes of people here in Scarborough that do. My interests are polish ladies, sexy ladies, cars, stereo systems and all of that sorta business. Religion wise, I'm getting around to being a practising catholic. No peircings, no tats, no body disfigurment. A lot of people tell me I should be a comedian. I want to do somethin' else.

Need to ask more questions . . .
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