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Ok, I'm Lora Vencill currently living in Virginia, USA. Lived in Markham/Unionville, Ont. for a couple years growing up. I travel- a lot (over 300 days last year), so snakes are really the easiest pet for me to keep. Come home and feed them, clean cages and head back out of town. Recently got a new job that will keep me at home, which is a good thing since I'm trying to breed my snakes... Lost a clutch of 17 African House snake eggs due to incubator malfunction last week.

Currently I keep 1.1 African House snakes, 0.1 Queensland Carpet python, 1.0 Taiwanese Beauty snake, 2.2 Mandarin Rat snakes (I definitely want to be home when they breed!), 0.1 Mexican Black King snake, 2 cats- a Bengal and a Siamese, a couple of fish tanks- various fish. I've had lots of snakes-been catching them since I was 7, a few lizards- the best was a chinese crocodile lizard, turtles, parrots, ferrets, frogs, lots of rescued wild life...

I'm married, not religious, read a lot- mostly science fiction/fantasy/horror and the odd science journal, listen to a variety of music- mostly alternative/punk/techno, have quite a few tattoos and a few piercings, I love Formula one racing, shooting pool, handguns (used to shoot IDPA), and fishing.

That's more than enough to introduce my self.

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