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i don't have the time to post some big long speech. But i agree with the initial post completely but where i live i don't see that going on. So if it is i'm not aware of it. My main concern are the d@#$ petstores in my area i won't mention names cause i know the liabilites. All of them sept the reptile specialties in my area are horrible about keeping up with their reptiles i cant even go to a big chain petstore without debating about how they keep thier reptiles. One of them insists to me for the past 3 years its ok to house beardies and leos toghether. every time i go in there i argue with them. ok i have to stop now because i'm getting upset and i will go on and on. So for me i didn't post about the reptile rescues because i don't see it going on but i completely agree if you cant handle it then don't do it. My biggest concern though is the big pet chains. I belive those are worse than the reptile rescues at least where i'm at they are.
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