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I am Adam Webster born in the Annapolis Valley and now live in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. I just turned 16 last month and I got a Borneo short-tailed python for my birthday! I have a religion, but its not a specific one (mostly Christian I guess). I believe there is a god (or gods) and I believe you don't have to bore the hell out of yourself every Sunday to believe in them. I am mostly into blood and short-tailed pythons and I have the best dog EVER! I absolutely LOVE karate and could not survive without it, my specific style is chito-ryu. Hmmm, what else...well I can catch fish with my hands, and I love eating them! My favorite type of fish is Boston Bluefish. Um, I like to hang out with people from different parts of the world. Ok thats all I can think of right now, peace out.
"A closed mind is a dead mind"

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