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While I really enjoy and appreciate the appearance or personality of many of the snakes in my collection, they are not family to me. There are none that I couldn't sell or trade if the circumstances involving my family required it. We are currently facing a move to a province where several of the species we own are not permitted. I have sold or placed several snakes in the last month that have been with me since hatchlings; one guy that I am actually very fond of. It was hard to leave him behind because I apprecaite his nature and beauty, but I will not let owning him jeopardise our employment and family's future.

There are snakes that I have been happy to sell because after living with them for a while, I just really didn't like them. The Pueblan milksnake we had was just too much of an idiot and had to go (and the person who has him appreciates him). Would I sell part of my collection to get an albino boa - absolutely. Not for the profit of breeding albino boas, but because I can only look after a limited number of snakes and I selfishly would rather feed and care for an animal that I enjoy than one that is less appealing to me, whether for color or personality. I will also gladly sell individuals that I bought to be part of a breeding program if they turned out to be the wrong sex or were unsuitable for breeding. I would take reasonable care to place them in suitable homes, but they would go.

I started out in the hobby by rescuing a couple snakes and I wanted a pet. Being a part of the hobby resulted in my interests changing to include genetics and more diverse species and I buy or sell snakes to suit my interests. As much as I like specific individuals, every one of them has a value attached to it and they are possessions, but I feel very strongly that it is my ethical obligation to provide them with the best possible care when they are with me.

just my point of view,

mary v.
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