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I am Marisa as my handle says....born and raised in California. Now living in Ontario Canada (don't ask lol) and wishing for California herping each and every day!

Love animals my entire life, had pets always. Just got into reptiles about 4 years ago I would say. Got our first snake almost 3 years ago and it went nuts from there. Shortly after we had many more! We keep:

0.1 Jack Russell - Sonique
0.1 Green Iguana - Roxy
0.1 Cat - Spaz
2.2 Cornsnakes - Jack (amel) Loki & Girlfriend (snows) Aimee (anery)
2.0 Kingsnakes - Jose (Mexican Black) and Mojave (Cal king)
0.0.1 Pueblan Milksnake - Shervous
0.0.1 Ball Python - Eight (My BABY!)
1.0 Golden Gecko - Wee
1.0 Red Eared Slider - Mikey

And of course my ten gallon of fancy guppies, TONS of feeder mice, a pair of pet gerbils, and my unborn corn eggs. hehehehehe

I don't like to drink. So I won't be attending some of the posters "church".....I hate ignorant stupid people....I hate tanks and on my street. I like humour and I like funny people. Well that sums up about as much as I am willing to tell a bunch of reptile freaks.

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