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Well itís nice getting to know everyone....I might as well share too.
My name is Nicole, though I go by Nicky most of the time. I was born a Newfy, but Iíve lived in Nova Scotia for 15 of my 21 years on this planet
Iím Catholic, but Iím not very religious anymore....stopped going to church when my mom couldnít force me to go anymore....sometimes itís good to grow up...sometimes...

I donít really like to read and Iím absolutely terrified of ticks......but I hate most bugs in general, excluding butterflies, lady bugs and some catapillars.
Iím a real softy when it comes to most animals (nothing creepy crawly with more then 4 legs), kids of all ages, and Matt (my boyfriend, who might I add....knows how to get just about everything he no chameleons!!....)

Over the last year or so weíve started really getting into herps.
Our first was a firebellied toad that just yelled take me home at the pet store, and since then we got 3 more (though the first passed away not to long ago.)
Two redeye tree frogs and Saturday we got our first snake. Though Iím sure thatís just the beginning of our list.

Well nice meeting everyone.
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