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Ok, its my turn now
My name is Daan Schouwe. I from the Netherlands and live in a town called Hoorn (this town is found about 30 km above Amsterdam). Im living in a windmill and watch tullips grow, while i polish my klompen (wooden shoes). Im 23 years old right now and i would be pretty happy to get alot older, since i really enjoy my live . If you wonder what the nickname Doenoe means, i will explain. It absolutely doesnt mean anything. A couple of friends of mine and me were drunk and started talking funny and after a while, Daan became Doenoe Most of the time i can be found in the SsnakesS chat. Oh, and i work in a supermarket.
Currently i got 2 emperor scorpions, a male and a female. Im not trying to breed them though. Im working (yes, im still working on that) on an enclosure for 2 bearded dragons, which i hope to buy somewhere in august.
The religion part: The bar is my church and the bartender my god . I usually go too church one time a week, mostly on saturday. Most of the time i have a good time there :meddead:
Well, thats about it i guess
Greetz Daan
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