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Not that I have posted here before but.. why not? (I do have one on the newcomers tho =)

Ok, so my name is Andreas, rather recently became 20 years of age. I'm from Sweden (no, no polarbears, or igloos, and no, we don't have penguins walking the streets either, thank you very much. =p) which I seem to be the only one so far.

I have yet to get my corn, I'm negotiation the deal right now =)Hopefully tho it will arrive here within the next couple of weeks. That is what I most eagerly await now (wanted to have a snake for a very long time, so it's a bit of a dream come true for me!)

As for religion, that's not for me, at all. I'm a agnostic atheist (or so a I like to describe it, a little bit of both) and as for music, I'm mostly listening to Goth/Gothic Metal with a little Synth and other Metal thrown into the mix.

Dunno what else to put down, so I'll be quiet now.

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