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I think it would be best to state you will take in (read: adopt) any unwanted animals. Stating you are a rescue implies a whole lot more.

When adopting these animals back out, will you be charging any fees? What extent are you capable of treating sick animals yourself? Can you give injections, know proper dosages to give? Do you know what to do about mouth rot, scale rot, and bites from live prey? How about snakes that refuse to eat, at what point do you begin to force feed? What do you do about Regurge Syndrome? What if a snake has a serious RI? Can you put it down if treatment doesn't take? Can you take the pain of not being able to save one?

These are the things that go through our minds when someone says "rescue". More often than not it is synonymous with "rehab". I'm not trying to get down on you or anything. I just hope you are prepared for these problems because sometimes they can't wait for a vet appointment and must be treated right away.
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