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Je ma pelle Rob. I am from Mississauga Ontario, and my occupations involve growing and selling bugs, teaching music lessons, spending quality time with my sweet heart, silklady aka Amber and being the best person I can be.

I have been into herps since I can remember, my first lizard was an anole, and my first frog was a whites. My anole lived for 7 years!

I am currently working on a few frog breeding projects, invloving simple frog species that are too often wild caught. such as Greys Tree frogs, green tree frogs, fire belly toads and red eyed tree frogs. I think that just because they are "cheap" they should still be captive bred so that the ones in the wild can stay there...

I am NOT religous, but I belive in Jesus... religon gives church a very bad name, and also makes people act very anal and stupid. Trust me I know!! I also believe that every one has a right to believe in anything they see as true, and that it is important not to judge others based on their personal beliefs.

I LOVE all my pets dearly. I like all kinds of music that is not degrading or negative in nature.

I teach Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder and Guitar lessons for my main job, with silkworming on the side.

Oh yeah, and I have very cold sensitive teeth, and it drives me nuts!

Peace to all!!
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