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When I am talking about not bieng able to drive there to get the rescue, I am talking about adopting from other rescues. As far as "rescues" I serve my town and my county which consists of only 60-70 thousand people. You see I am the only one around here that takes reptiles. I will rescue an animal in need, is that not what a rescue is for? And spending money on animals I do understand. That 50 mile radius i talked about before. I have to drive that every time I do need a vet for one of these reptiles. Granted I am just getting started and I do have all of the state papers needed and I am in the process of getting it all together. Why not get my name out there now. I have space, I have a list of people wanting adoptions, I have adoption applications from all of them. There are just not many other reptile owners in this small town. And not much need for a rescue. I am just trying to help out with the problems some reptile owners may come across.
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