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hi my names mark i live in pa. i have had lizzards most of my life. going on 37 yr old. married, 3 kids. my list of current friends are at the bottom i also have fish, 2 dogs. the scorpions are my newest addition. my wife, dawn, is not into the inverts but loves reptile, all but snakes,but she is getting more into the whole herp thing as i get more and she learns more we like outdoor type activites, parties with freinds ,meeting new people and more . i am into science fiction movies (yes i am a trekie)
1 barkscorpion, 1 desert milliped
4 desert hairyscorp, 3 cal. yellow scorp, 3 mojive desert scorp., 4 empior. scorp. ,1 iggy, 2 box turtles

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