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I'm sorry to say... but isn't starting a 'reptile rescue' about the animals? If so it shouldn't be a problem to drive out to where one is to pick it up! I live in Rio Rancho, NM and I've driven to Santa Fe, Las Cruces and farther to pick up animals that need homes. I run a reptile rescue and I refuse NO ONE. It seems more to me that you guys are merely interested in getting free reptiles delivered to your door. I don't mean to sound harsh, but let me leave you one last bit of information: When you 'rescue' reptiles, you RESCUE them. You will need to get them taken care of, and possibly treated at the vet's. This costs money. Almost 99.99% of the animals I've rescued have had something seriously wrong with them. It may be parasites to full blown MBD, which, in either case will cost you, financially and emotionally. I would think of what you really want before calling yourself a 'rescue'. Get approved for non-profit status, now THERE'S a challenge!
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