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I'm not sure which person on this site you referred to as being a member who keeps turtles that way ; but I do know what you described was similar to my turtle set-up which has been discussed in posts. Just in case it's me I'll tell you a bit about it. I started at about your age with goldfish & newts as my 'tank' animals (have always had tons of diff mammals). Then I got into more elaborate aquariums with tropicals as well. Then came a goldfish pond when I was settled/married/kids. Let's just say late 20's. Then a friend's mom decided she could no longer look after her 2 RES for her while she was at college. In moved my first 2 adoptee reps & it began. I fell for them & researched them. Found out their tank was too small & learned they could stay most of the year in a pond. Pond #2 was built. It is fenced with a fence that is buried at least 1 foot into the ground as they love to dig & burrow. It is filtered & I circulate with a waterfall pump that they love also. The fence screen covers the top , too. I have more worry here from owls then anything. The turtles also have a hutch to go in & climbing/basking rocks & logs. All this stuff has to be kept clean (javex scrubbed, boiled or oven-baked). I also have large rubbermades that are set-up for them to spend the winter cooling in. They are time consuming for sure so you must love them. That's how I got started. It wasn't planned as much as it sorta happened. It takes a lot of planning now. This year i had a lot of flood damage so our expansion had to be put on hold til repairs were done. I also belong to herp societies & have help from vets, breeders & fellow herpers/rescuers. Have support & help of friends & family & studied animal sciences at college with a minor in agri business. Really needed the help this year as no planning can prep you for nature's set backs. After repairs & new addition I will have 1 fish & 3 turtle ponds. I use kiddie pools for some juvie fish & turtles , too. These ones are also protected. This should give you something to think about for time,cost & set-up. Keep in mind though that I am not a rescue. I just take in the homeless & this is spread by word of mouth. I don't turn away sick or mistreated turts by any means but I refer other reps to other people. (Did take 8 orphan pond goldfish once tho !) I'm only set-up for the turts. A rescue is much more involved & expensive. This is just my personal contribution. Good luck with yours in the future.
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