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I would say the ones in my collection are my babies and thats the way i refer to them as my babies. The girls are my baby girls and my boys are my baby boys sept my bearded dragon boy hes my chunker lol. i would NEVER sell any of them ever and would be bawling like a baby if anything would ever happen to them. If you would ask my mom about my reptiles she would ask "which one of her babies are you refering to". As far as offspring goes sure i sell those but it's just like your cat or dog having babies are you going to keep all of them every time a new litter comes NO.

the only time i have kept a baby is my first leo female born ever, and a baby leo i hatched from a friends collection(he had a horseshoe pattern on his head i named him lucky charms), or if i have become seriously attatched to them. If i truely like the babies i will save them for family or close friends so i can go visit and play with them. Just like i had a favorite that hatched last year i named her butterfly cause it look like she had wings on her back i gave that one to my boyfriends little sister( which we have corrupted into liking reptiles as much as us) so i could see and play with her anytime i wanted. maybe i do get alittle to attached to them but they are my pets and i owe it to them to take the best care and love them as much as i can. and i do have a few morphs but that wasn't the only reason i bought them and i do plan on buying more ranges of color morphs but they like the rest will become part of a growing family.

Even if some people do trade for the newest morphs i'm sure they still have an old friend they hold onto.
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