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I drawn a line right away if it is something I am getting with the intension of selling then that's that. But if I decide to keep something I will usually keep it unless it goes to one of my friends that I KNOW will give it a good home. But I have kept pretty much everything through the years. I absolutly hate people that flip flop on species and throw money around but never actually keep anything or manage to breed anything. Those people do it for the money. Not for the love of the animals and unfortunatly there are a lot of those people out there.
To address another good point you brought up. I love all herps from an anole to a retic. I hate people that I call reptile elitists. That hold there noses up on anything that doesn't have a high monatery value. Or people that say I don't like those, any idiot can breed them. Who cares do what you love and you will be much happier. Don't be all high and mighty and everyone else will be much happier also. If it costs a buck or a 1000 it is all part of this wonderful hobby! Tim.
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