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my name is Rachael obviously.... i hate it when people spell my name wrong!! racheal, rachel rachal is not acceptable!! i WILL kick your *** if you spell it wrong.....thank you.......
im 17, dark hair, dark eyes, 5'2" almost "slim" hehe
i go to college and do "animal management"
im into "alternative" music........saves the day, reel big fish, less than jake, 40 below summer, spunge, powerman 5000, system of a down, metallica......most of which no one i know has ever heard of.....sometimes i think i live in my own little music world
likes: my WIERD mates video games, computers, drawing, playing with paint!!, body mods(even though she only has her ears pierced x2 due to parental restrictions!!) tall people, theyre so much fun! especially when your quite short like me.....i like walking around forests and fields and woods and stuff.......and getting lost!!! burning stuff, shaving peoples heads and random bus journeys to knowhere.........
dislikes: dog poop, nose hair, ear wax,metal nail files, public toilets, people breathing/spit talking on me, ticks and the sun! it burns!!! it BUUURRNS!!!

phobias:: cow, horses, broken bones, those flash things that tell a cute little story and then BAM!! big scary freaking face or something
in my little group of mates i am known as the cute small, innocent and if i just put on a cute face and pout my lips, i can get away with pretty much anythingo> the thing is.....i know that ive totally overused my cuteness!! but it still works! and its bloody great!
can you tell im mentally unstable??

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