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ok, dont fall asleep now... my name is justin and i am 21 years old. i am puerto rican and from las vegas, nevada. right now
i live in san clemente, california because i am a machine gunner in the marine corps. i got the nick name "superman" in high school
because i was only 5'6" and weighed 210 lbs. all i did in high school was work out and eat. then wrestling season my senior year i had to cut weight to wrestle 152 pounds(you do the math)
if i wrestled at the weight i was i would have got my @$$ kicked.
at that weight the guys are so much bigger than me. i thought it was better to wrestle guys my height.
so after that stunt every body always called me superman(MAN OF STEEL). what else? i have been to japan, okinawa, australia, east timor, the phillipines, palau, guam, thailand, korea and i think thats about it. oh yeah, kuwait and iraq too. i like to fish, wrestle obviously, off road, play golf, play xbox, work out, tend to my 8 snakes
(i used to have14 snakes untill my wife sold a few when i was in combat). i love to get drunk and cook outside on my grill.
i love to wear suits, slacks and dress shirts, but when i am sitting at home i just wear jeans a white t-shirt and a hat.
every one talks s*** on me about this, but i like to roller blade.
i never really got into skate boarding. oh, and i am catholic.
i can go on forever, but all of you are probably asleep and drooling all over your key board. thanks for your time!
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