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Hello< I guess I can tell you more of me here, although I just posted recently in the newcomers forum... My name is Amber. I am a classical vocalist and have been studying singing for more thatn ten years. I teach both voice and piano. I also play guitar and flute. I love Jazz, Classical, and I am into ballet. (besides the fact I am the biggest dancer in my class, everyone else is anorexic) I love golfing, paintball, yoga, and reading. ( this sounds like a dating agency advertisment, but sorry i am taken!) I have been through religions, Protestant(grew up on it) Buddism, Wicca, but what I realized for myself, through study and hands on testing, is that all the religions in the world are all connected. They all strive for the same thing, "stewardship" tending to the herps and the blessings of the world. Of course they go deeper then that, but that is another discussion. I am not religious. I disapprove of religion for myself. My choice is to be spiritual, and I believe In Jesus, I am a Christian without being religious. I also like piercings. I have 12. I can't afford a tatoo because all my money goes to my herps, and buying more music. there, now you know about me!
Just a quick p.s. I think it is really neat that everyone is posting their "religion". Respect to all of you. Everyone has their own "truth" and what is right for them, never be afraid to stick up for what you believe in. blessings, Silklady
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