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Tim and Julie B
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Well crap I hate talking about myself. Julie and I have been married for almost a year (June 7). We have been together for eight years, since we were 19. We were neighbors. Ya ya girl next door. I own lots of reps. I got into it when I was thirteen. Religion? I guess I am not a buddiest but I study the Zen teachings. Hobbies.........well I well race anything that has wheels. I love mountain biking (no not the relaxed trail in the park), long boarding, basketball, soccer etc. Used to be a pretty good artist. Love classic cars. Got tattoos but no piercings thanks...except my ears. I live in Kelowna BC. Almost to hot. If you have never been here you should come for vacation and see this part of British Columbia Canada......seriously if you are from the states, come to BC you will love it. No it is not cold, there is no snow and I have never seen a polar bear or an igloo. Don't laugh, those were comman questions whenever I was in California visiting family. That's about it. Oh yeah two dogs, a rotti and a pitti, Dakota and Bink. Both pound puppies. Two cats Jones and Otis. Also I have a large fish tank (love fish). Tim
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