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My name is Steve Semerko. I am 20 years old and live in Peterborough Ontario Canada. I have been into herps my entire life. Right now I have in my collection:
0.1 Coastal Phase Cal. King
1.1 50/50 Cal. Kings
1.1 Het. Striped Albino Corns
0.1 Ball Python
1.0 Texas Ratsnake
1.1 Rose Hair Tarantulas
1.1 Chinese Firebelly Newts
0.1 Rat (the furry kind)
I play guitar (I started when I was in about grade 5 or 6, I cant remember how old I was though), drums, bass and if I am drunk enough I sing. I like magic (cards and stuff), I skateboard, I like to draw (i am pretty good at tribal tattoo designs and kind of good at herp drawings). Ummm...I am not sure what else I can tell you.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me

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