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My name's Meghan but I prefer Meg or Megs thanks. I'm a recovering dopeaholic... (I like that word!) A big time Catholic slacker, I got confirmed, took all the gift money from family and abandoned the religion a month later. wouldn't you know it the confirmation classes are what convinved me to give it up. I've got 3 Leopard Geckos, all rescues and a Rosy Boa. Got some baby Leos on the way, 10 days to go people! Wooo... I can't wait. I also have a female Shiba Inu (dog) named Shiba, aka Devil Dog. WE start obedience training tonight. I work at a University but I'm looking for a new job closer to the boyfriend so I can finally get on with life after the parents house. I graduated from Ithaca College last year with a BS in Arts Administration. I'm involved with a community theatre group. I sing, a couple people here have heard the mp3s. Been with the same guy for over 4 years and we're still going strong. I'm from Connecticut and I find it funny how many people from the states have no idea where that is. Anyway there is so much more but I'm rambling now...
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