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Hey Im Shelly and Im a recovering alchodopeaholic Ok maybe not its been a few (5) years so I cant realy say Im recovering
I'm a Christian slacker. My pastor of 10 years quit and I kinda did with him, how's that for being supportive?
I love animals always have always will. I also grow carnivorous plants as well so feeding day can take a while and I moderate a CP forum.
Hm... what else? Im 33 a single mother to a gorgeous little red head girl.
I've bred mini rex rabbits for a while now.... Hm... I hate doin introductions! Oh Im an ex-con, (been out since 98) I guess you could consider that interesting although not as interesting as my old celly who killed her husband in bed and left him there for weeks till he was found. She was a bit of a loon, mumbled alot
I better stop now
If youre happy and ya know it slap your face!
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