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I got my boa when my son was just under 4 yrs old and I let him hold him w/ supervision, he was fascinated. Kids are very curious and I think its good to start em off young if your gonna keep reptiles in the house. They need to learn about them and enjoy them..all the while..teaching them about risks involved as well. Now he is 5. Sometimes he makes sudden movments...or runs up to me when I am holding the boa(now at 6 ft)..and it freaks me out sometimes..but I just have to keep teaching him that he has to move slow when the snakes are out..and be very careful..because there is always a chance of the snake bitting..and I explain to him that if he gets bit..its gonna hurt really bad and he will bleed...this seems to get his attention and he starts acting careful again. My son really loves the BP we have...its about 2 1/2 - 3 feet and very very tame. I can totally trust him to handle it without my help (of course I stay close, just incase). He has really taken an interest in them and I'm sure he will be helping me more as he gets older.
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