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Well my name's Phil
Im male 37 heading to 38 this month (groan). Ive been into herps for some 20 yrs off and on Currently houseing 3 kings and a male redtail boa 1 male cheesie(justice) and 2 cats( muppet & Mannie).
Im on my Second marrage to a woman i met believe it or not on-line from pensilvania with a baby on the way in sept.( my first ever)
Im a die hard hunter (bow & gun) . I used to train retrievers but got out of it because of the politics involved in trialing.
Religon forget it , i am the way i am
My looks suggest im stuck in the 60's i have blonde hair to just about half way to my waist (im 5'11) and i like modern country music and classic rock.
I work as a steelworker for the best powdermetal automotive supplier in the world .
Thats about it
Have a good one

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