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Originally posted by gonesnakee
Attn. Rev & Edwin: Black Knight is an Aerosol then? How much does it cost approx.? Can it be safely applied & left on the animals directly or is it only for enclosures etc.? Does it too "break down" with exposure to light, like NIX will? You say (Rev) that it is effective for upto 2 months, but it is not effective on eggs? Get back if ya can & THX.
Mark I.
Hi Mark,

Yes, it is an aerosol spray, and it is safe for most herps, although I would avoid using it on young herps or herps in a weakened state. Basically, I take out the water bowl, spray the enclosure, wait a bit, and then place the snake in there. I do this for all of my new snakes, as well as the occasional babysitting/rescues I get. So far, no mites. A friend of mine, who does not keep herps regularly uses Black Knight to spray down his basement apartment, as he has a pretty bad roach infestation there. So far, he still looks (fairly) normal, but I can't vouch for his sperm count.

For pricing, I bought a can for about C$35, but it is much cheaper if you split an order and buy a case. A can should last quite a bit, as you do not need to use a lot per spraying.

The reason I am thinking of giving Nix a try is because it is readily available at most pharmacies. Just don't scratch your head when buying it, lol.

Here are a few links that should give you more information:

MSDS for Black Knight:

Hope this helps!
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