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Name is steve...but its really stephane, i just don't tell anyone that. Live in ottawa i'm 18 going to be 19 in sept. I;m sure all of you have seen squeegee kids....well i am 1. I was homeless for 1 year and squeegeed for my $. I still do it now cause its part of my lifestyle now. I keep 11snakes right now, 3 turtles, 1 iguanna and 4 day geckos. I'm against the gov, capitalist and religion of any sort(no i'm not some kid that lives at home with their mommy to buy em Nike shoes and then says Hey I am PUNK and therefor anti capitalist(and all the other stuff...)but then has 200$ shoes and 200$ worth in belts and bracelets. basically i just wanna have a good time and **** the system
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