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Um.. My name is Zane Neher I live in the good 'ol Oklahoma.
I am a Christian and uh, my dress style I guess ranges from "Prep" and "Skater" I use to be into the whole peircings and tatoos, but since I was to young at the time so I drew body art on me and friends with sharpees. I keep 18 crocodilians and a bunch of native OK. turtles. I kept alot of snakes venomous and not but I will be moving in a few so I had to sacrifice a few animals but will be getting back into them. I also like long walks in on a moonlit beach with a cocacola in my hands and the wet, rough sand digging into the souls of my feet. I like to count stars right before I drift intoagental sleep and.. Heh

And that's me.

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