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Marcel Corbin is related to the man with the glasses, his wife took these photos, this man and the old lady (sorry I forgot there names) worked together as missionary in India.
When I ask Marcel why he moved to Oklahoma this is what he said; Moving to Oklahoma was kind of like an accident Steve, we came here to help after tornado disaster and never left.
I shod of know coming from such a devoted family, he also told me his Mom got hooked on snakes after they visited me, and one of the first animals he ever handled was a snake, I guess this disease we have is contagious after all.

In closing just to show this really is a small world, on several occasion I ordered motorcycle seats, as aim a little hard on them (I do motorcycle stunt riding shows)
Guess what? Corbin Motorcycle seat belong to his cousins.

What aim learning from these forum and internet, whatever we do or say goes a long way!
From now on I will give my very best, seems like it comes back hahaha
Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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