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I agree with andrea children should be intoduced young before the brainwashing. Its sadd kids are taught to hate and fear things when young to protect them but parents don't think of the long term effect. Like a kid like to go play with garter snakes in the yard, his dad fearing he might one day pick up a hott tell him " Son put that down now, they are posionunos and will kill you with a bite." The dad thinks that it will keep him from picking up snakes. It will of course but then he will fear snakes for the rest of his life, and so will all his frinds he goes and tells the same thing. Once this thaught is put into ones head its hard to get out. Like once I was a somone house and he had some slightly venomous snakes, I didt know it at the time he asked if I wanted to handle them I say yes and I hold them great snakes loved them called maylasian green tree viper I think. Ne wayz later while I'm still holding he sais their hotts I immediatly get sacred and want them out of my hands.
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