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well...... since this is pretty much 15 years away then i dont even think its worth planning this far ahead!! yeah sure you can have hopes for the future, but nothing ever goes as well as first planned! i wanted to be a zookeeper, im at the end of my first year of college and i dont want to be a zoo keeper any more, i wanted to work with dogs, now i dont.... its silly planning out your life at 16!! just take it as it comes, if it happens, then i happens!!
BTW: do you keep them as pets?? you may find you change your mind?
there are always unwanted res hanging around! if your really want to start a "sanctuary" you need to have a great love of the animal!! other wise you probably wont be dedicated enough!! go to a rescue and adopt one if you want to get started! just do your research, (im sure there are loads of books around!) and all shall be good in the end!
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