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Hey listen I just asked a question I never said "tomorow I'm going to go get all the unwanted turtles and stick them in a pond" and and even if I did do it way later in life I would have filters and stuff if their needed. Though I think I could get the proper plants and stuff I could check it everyday and stuff keep it safe. Like I said this was't a plann it was a very rough outiline for a very rough draft of a plan for a rescue. I wanted to know about mixbreeding because I have heard alot about it, and wanted to know some fatcs from people I trusted. I never siad anything aBOUT SETTING ANYTHING FREE I said I was returning it to a more natural habitat. No offnese to anybody but the people on this site are jumpy I our anybody else says something you twist our words and bring up anrealetd subjects. Alot of other members feel this way to that I have talked to via IM's lay back people it was just some questions a thought in my head not something I planned on doing at leats not for a very long time. I would have to grad from college and I will be 26 then gett financialy stable 30 so you see how long it would take people I'm only 16.[IMG]C:\My Documents\My Pictures\Tpython.jpg[/IMG]

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