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hmmm well I could be a water snake but most water snakes I have come across are pretty grouchy...this little guy is very peaceful....also he was found in a field probably ohhh atleast 1/4 from a stream and 1/2 mile from a large pond

do water snakes roam that far from water?

Ive looked at a ton of pics on the web today and this snake looks alittle bit like several different kinds to me lol

for awhile I was leaning towards fox snake
then I came across a pic of a milk snake that looked very close
I also thought maybe a corn snake

He is so small....smaller than a pencil...I suppose its even possible it could be a baby black snake that will turn black as he matures

but Im no snake expert so I dunno

I'd like to offer a bit of food but I dunno what he might would have to be awful small food
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