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I frankly think it was a really poor decision to post a private conversation in a public forum. It was just another sign that person was too immature and temperamental to be a good adoption candidate. You made the right choice even if you didn't phrase it in the most diplomatic fashion possible.

I run a rescue myself and know how hard it is decline an adoption with grace and dignity in those situations and you probably handled yourself better than I often do. It's very hard not to just lose your temper and give the person a real piece of your mind. There are way too many folks out there that think adopting a reptile is a right and not a privilege.

That's one reason why I've really cut back on taking in animals I will need to rehome and have started concentrating on post-operative rehabs that will go back to their owners once recovered. It's so hard dealing with people who haven't done their homework and are just looking for a cheap pet.

I admire you for staying in the trenches and continuing to seek qualified owners for the animals in your care. Good luck to them and to you.

I sure hope those beardies find homes that are perfect for them and I strongly support your decision not to adopt them out just yet.
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