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GOd u guys R shure good at Putting PPL down.....
Where did people put you down???

You asked for what people thought and got your answers. Some commented on your spelling and slang. Understand, when on the internet, sometimes writting is the only thing to go by. Impressions are often made for the first time online. Though, I don't take spelling and slang for character it does show someone who doesn't take the time to re-read their post for the community's sake.

I think it shows some courtesy and effort to try and write posts in a way that is easy to read by others. First impressions do count in some way and although you like to write and talk a certain way, it does not necessarily come out the way you would like to.

Again, I don't always judge by spelling and grammar but it does account for something.

I dun care if she gave em to me or not...........
You don't sound like you were very serious about adopting those dragons...???

THIS POST IS CLOSED NOW!...............LOL....
You started this thread and because it didn't turn in the direction that you liked now you want to close it! That's pretty funny to me!

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