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I would't get alligators only turtles and frogs. If they were injured I would take them to the vet get them fixed up. It would be more like a turtle retirement home then a rescue. Like breeders when the turtle can't breed anymore or whatevr, or like somone has a turtle that they can't take with them on a move. MY yard is't a yard I live in the country. I could take over an entire pasture if I wanted, have lots of space. I could specilize the pond to the special habitiat of their needs. I know how to keep them enclosed now, a centimeter square screen fencing. Yes, it would probly just be local animals or like animals that could adapt eaily to my area like red ears are abundant here so I could take them and snapping turtles. No, fish poop does not kill frogs, thats stupid how would they live together in lakes. If I was to start this it would be awhile in the future I was just a thought. ALso I know of people that keep rescues like this for turtles one of which is a member of this site. But I understand your thoughts and will work on them but I have said in other post I really would not be able to have a rescue[read so you wannebe a reptile rescue] even though I would love to. I can't stand the thought of dying anything. I'm only 15 this would have to wait till after college. But I am going to work on the idea. Maybe then I will be able to join the leugue. But thank you for your words.

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