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I'm thinking of opening an aquatic reptile rescue kinda thing, nothings set or anything, I'm just brainstorming. But please listen to my ideas and give me some helpful hints and advice. Now I have recently begun digging a series of ponds in my yard and around my house. They are stocked with baby fish, I caught at the local lake/pond and I mean babies not even an inch long. I want to shelter peoples unwanted aquatic turtles and forgs freshwater only. I would get the animals, then keep them in an tank for observation for a couple of days kinda teach them to live in the semi/wild enviroment then move them out to one of the ponds. I was thinking of keeping a diffrient for each species. In the ponds they will be free to live as they will. I will suply the food and basic care but other then that it will be like they are in the wild. Of course sheltered from predators. I can't garuntee they will stay in the pond but close enough, I doubt the turtles would go anywhere but the frogs might. But everywhere else where I live is arrid[like a dessert] so I think they would come back for the water. I understand that opening a shelter is a very complicated and hard task, but I dont want mine to be like others. It would be more like returning the animals to the wild but keeping them safe. I doubt I would give many of them up for adotion. I'm not sure of anything right now so I was just seeing what everyone thought of my idea and what CONSTRUCTIVE critisism everyone had becuase I think it would be a very good thing. SO what does everyone think I could really use your ideas.

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