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Hey, fanmaninacan, you wouldn't happen to be friends with Lizards_rule, would you?
Anyway, it sounds like you want a tame, handlable animal. So why not go with a monitor? Cause you know, they NEVER bite... And they all stay very small. If I were you, I would get a leopard gecko, bearded dragon, or similar animal. Even if you are POSITIVE you can keep an animal like a monitor for your first animal, you should still start off with something easy. Always work your way up the "herp ladder". You can jump a few steps at a time and be OK if you try hard, but never try jumping to the top, from the bottom. Even leo's and Beardeds need a certain amount of reading up on. Before I got my bearded, I had a total of 6+ hours of research on them, and I still thought I would have liked some more info. By the way, don't worry about special patterns and stuff like it seems you are doing, jsut get a normal, they are cheaper, and perfectly fine. REALLY, don't start with a monitor. My friend did that (after me critisizing him, and telling him not to, warning him, etc.) and soon he had a big, mean, hungry lizard that was in too small of a cage, and not enough money for food. Oh, and then he got a stupid species of iguana no one knows the common/scientific name of, and he feeds the IGUANA 100% live food, like CRICKETS and MEALWORMS... lets jsut say thats not a bright idea. Just think everything through. "I dont want something hugly expencive!!! spending alot on tha uros." It seems like you are only trying to find another lizard because you have little extra money. It is a much better idea to put that money towards more/better housing supplies for the Uro's. Don't forget to read up on them, either!
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