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Steve Koozer
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Im 16 .... Preety Strong for my age..bench POWER 4 EVER LOL
Quote: bragging arnt I
I like big things!
i like things that r tame..but some thing that gets pissed at me if i do something bad to it n love me if i do something good..LOl....BUT NOT TAKE MY HEAD OFF..or SEND ME TO EMERGENCY n get like 1000 stiches.....i got my friend for that LOL..

Big monitors don't care how strong you are (nor do most I would suspect)I would forget(if that is possable)about any large lizards for a good while(experience is the key for the big nasty stuff)I hope you realise that the big boys are more than able to take one of your fingers for a nice light snack at will!I have been reading here for quite a while but this is my first post so far.I can only see this thread sprialing down in flames.It would be nice to see you gain experience over time and become a respected knowledgeable keeper who does the hobby credit.In that end I would hope that you make the right decision at the right time

Steve K
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