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It sounds like you need to slow down a bit!!!

I always like to see others get interested by the reptile hobby but many just rush into it and it seems like that's what's happening here.

You need to take the time to read up on the different species available, their requirements, temperments and all other necessary info. With the internet today, we have so much info just under our fingertips. Just type different species names into a seach engine and read up many care sheets.

You can't expect the members here to have the perfect answers for you as we don't know all the details, etc. But this site has also an incredible amount of information for you to look up and personal accounts. Read the different forums and go back a bit in the dates. Just because the posts aren't on top doesn't mean they're not useful to you.

I know for each species that I've gotten, I've researched at least 20 and chose the best one for my needs and desires. I've often spent weeks and months researching an animal before acquiring it.

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